Racing Hearts Go!

Entry by: Martin Willitts Jr

12th February 2015

I look at you, my heart is off to the race;
I cannot sprint fast enough with words.
The starter’s gun is your smile.

There are days when an outboard motor
cannot replace oars, trying to get to you
like you were a lighthouse.

You would think I would be better at this
by now. I try one simple gesture
to show you I care, in case words fail.

Even these words are inadequate, flailing,
stretching towards the finishing line.
I tried slowing time. It doesn’t work.

Tried cutting across the shortest distance.
Doesn’t work. Sharpened track spikes
into pencil points. Doesn’t work.

It is when I slow down, bending time,
the stopwatch not moving. Do you notice?
I am running in place.

You notice. You smile like a tape measure.
I break through. I want to win you.
Leave anyone else in my dust.