Love In 2014

Entry by: alimc

14th February 2014
Scene: Office building - two cubicles next to each other - one belongs to Hank the other Molly

Molly: Morning Hank. Happy Valentine's! What are you going to do to celebrate?
Hank: Well, I signed up with a new dating site - "Heart to" and I've got a date for tonight. Wish me luck.
Molly: For sure! All the best!

Next day
Molly: Hey, how was the date?
Hank: Well, went to a restaurant I've never heard of before - kinda hard to talk as she didn't speak much English- and I think I might have gotten some kind of food poiso. . . (gets a panicked look) Excuse me. . . (bolts to the men's washroom)

Hank returns from washroom
Molly: Sorry to hear it didn't go so well. Here's a box of chocolates I bought, but didn't give them to anyone. Enjoy!
Hank: Gee, thanks Molly.

Next week
Molly: What are your plans for this happy Friday night, Hank?
Hank: Well, I'm trying a different dating site - this one's called Lite Up My Can't hurt to try something new, right?
Molly: Of course not. Good luck with that.

Monday Morning
Molly: How was the date on Friday.
Hank: Well, not exactly what I had planned.
Molly: Oh, how come?
Hank: Well, she didn't exactly fit her profile. Instead of blond, blue eyes 5'10" and 135 pounds it was more like dark, hairy 4'9" and 200 pounds. Why do people lie like that?
Molly: Ok, but was she good to talk to, have a winning personality?
Hank: If you like discussing hunting coons in the middle of the Manitoba winter, yeah, I guess she was interesting. She killed me at the paint ball venue we went to. Don't think we'll be hooking up again.
Molly: Too bad. Oh, by the way, that antique train poster you were looking for but hadn't found at the shop down the road, I popped in yesterday and there it was! So I picked it up for you.
Hank: What! Thanks, Molly - you're the best! (gives her a quick hug)

Thursday afternoon
Molly: Almost the weekend. Anything planned
Hank: You're not going to believe this, (chuckles nervously) but I'm trying another dating site - this one's called You and Third time's the charm as they say.
Molly: Let me know how it goes. Maybe I'll try that one, too.
Hank: Yeah, sure (gives Molly a wistful look after she turns back to her desk)

Monday morning:
Molly: Mornin'- how was your weekend?
Hank: I'd rather not say.
Molly: Oh, how come?
Hank: I am officially giving up on dating sites.
Molly: It was that bad.
Hank: Well, it started off great. Met at the bar. He name was Wendy. Went to the movie. Had lots of laughs and great conversation. Went back to my place. Getting comfortable and. . . (Hank looks down at his feet, twists his hands together)
Molly: What was the problem - sounds great to me!
Hank: Yeah, well it was until I found out Wendy was actually Wendall!
Molly:(gasps) NO! You mean. . . ?
Hank: Yep - guy dressed up as a girl - not something I was prepared for let me tell you. Anyway, she. . I mean, he left without too much fuss - We actually shook hands when he left - yeah, not too much more to tell. (Hank looking very depressed)
Molly: (stifling a laugh) Oh Hank, I'm sorry (gives him a hug).
Hank: (pleasantly surprised by the hug) Hey, no problem. (Both turn to go to their respective cubicles)
Hank: Uh, Molly?
Molly: Yes, Hank
Hank: Well, I was wondering (looking down at feet, wringing hands together)
Just wondering if you were doing anything on the weekend? Maybe we could go for a coffee after work?
Molly: Well, I thought you were never going to ask! Of course, I'd love to go for coffee, anytime, I don't think we need to wait for the weekend - let's go after work.
Hank: (Jaw open) Really - well, great!
Molly: It's a date - 4:00 at the coffee shop across the street?
Hank: See you there!
Hank: (talking to himself) - Wow, the time I spent on those sites and she was sitting next to me the whole time. Who knew?
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