Racing Hearts Go!

Entry by: vinita18

12th February 2015
It was not in Rome
that love happened

In fact no place,
No sky, no earth
Nor water nor winds
Nor joy nor pain

In the middle of grey days
Blue rain, wet vacuum
Tropical mugginess
and dark cave-like thoughts
You slid in, like an extra second
nestled in the hands of time

Squeezed me shut in your eyes
Spoke my words
Took me with you where ever you went
The way a land carries its river...
Something stood still in this journey.

Something that had longed to be grounded.
Like a bird too long in flight
A deer too tired to run further
A sigh trapped too long in the lungs
Surrender shackled too long to resistance

Now I am a chalice in your heart
Spilling my blood into yours
Running in your veins
Deadening in mine
It's good to lose to love

Become ageless, formless,
Feel your racing heart go...
Feel two journeys traverse like one.