Racing Hearts Go!

Entry by: Godai41

13th February 2015
Over many years the once seemingly bright hallways of the oldish building ensconced on Greenwich Street, Manhattan, despite one intensive redecoration, had gone drab. Tenants and owners, in efforts to brighten the scene, had even disobeyed one decorator’s commands and had pinned various symbols on their respective doors. Still, drabness dominated.

A new person moved in to one of the dismal floors. Suddenly, despite the windowless hallways, light pierced its way in. Somehow she had found an oblique smile in her former home across the pond and carried it with her to this hallway. When her door opened and she exited, suddenly light splashed out. Her stately pace to the elevator elevated people’s spirits. When she sidled her head to say hello, spirits rose. In the elevator, as she spoke of her frequent work journeys to other venues, people felt lifted indeed and couldn’t help but smile and symbolically travel with her. The lilt of her voice sang of brightness.

Her name? Valentina. Yes, Valentina.