The Peace Deal

Entry by: vinita18

18th February 2015
Wrapped in wintry winds howling with hope
A plateau lies tortured and struggles to cope
Its heart cries in silence and despair
Freedom lost, buried somewhere

Mountains speak, as do valleys and dales
Breathing fire and courage into fierce gales
Rebellion floods the dungeons of hell
And the cause of peace rings out like a bell

Empires cannot thrive on cemeteries of pain
When clouds travel, this message they rain:
A land may be stolen, not a way of life
One day martyrs shall end this strife

Power cannot be claimed by repressing a thought
Justice shall embalm all rightful causes fought
Prayers for peace will silently beseech
The oppressors to relent, let go of siege

Curses shall be lifted, pride restored
When apostles step forward, and suppression gored
Ghosts shall vanish from this evil show
Dreams be fulfilled, Happiness glow

Peace will warm this realgar shroud
People shall rejoice and be very proud
The haunting wails of long trumpet horns
Will announce gladly that peace is born