The Peace Deal

Entry by: Alobear

19th February 2015
The Peace Deal

Peace. Finding peace of mind. Resting in peace. World peace. Peace treaties. The dove of peace.

There are lots of different kinds of peace, and I guess everyone has to find it in their own way. I’m not talking about global harmony, more the inner sense of peace you get when it all comes together and everything feels right with your world.

There’s dazzle and brightness all around me. The blinding halogen bulbs blaze down from above, reflecting off nearly every surface and in the floor to ceiling mirrors to create an infinity of light. Beautiful women in fancy gowns brush past me and throw seductive smiles my way, begging to distract me from my purpose. The crowds can get quite oppressive at times; people pressing in on every side, ignoring the normal rules of personal space and forcing their stories and circumstances on me if I let them. The noise is incredible. The background rustle and chatter of all those people is regularly punctuated by cheers from those having a good time and shouts from those not. Every now and then a blaring siren can be heard; those drifting in from outside telling of accidents and crime, those inside of fortune and success. Alcohol flows freely, along with money, so much money. It would be oh-so-easy to drown here, lost in the excess and indulgence.

Over in my corner, I find a moment of calm.

I feel the softness of the covered table under my hands, the hard edges of cards at my fingertips, and I look up into a pair of steady blue eyes. One eyebrow raises, asking a silent question.

“Hit me,” I say. Indrawn breaths at my side suggest others think I’ve made a mistake.

But I know exactly what I’m doing. This is where I find my peace.

The croupier deals me another card.