The Peace Deal

Entry by: KMaidmarion

20th February 2015

You, are such an attention seeker
always vying for my notice
always a constant spangle on my brain.

I try to imagine your face
and know it to be cruel
and know it to be blind

to my suffering

From pram to rocker
my sanity is lost.
My constant companion
unaware of the cost

of your persistence.

You are a buzz on my brain
a nag in my head
a squeal in my ear

I’m wishing to be dead

Just grant me some peace
a moments reprieve
it would cost you nothing

so what’s the big deal?

when I pretend you’re not there
you tune up a fanfare
raise an alarm
sirens and horns
wail and warn


there cannot
be you
without me

nor I without you.