She Loves Me

Entry by: vinita18

24th February 2015
At The Airport

I read your name
in the alphabets of the announcement board
flashing the arrival/departure of flights
My gaze quickly sows vowels and consonants
to embroider the familiar out of words that mean nothing,
just to feel my heart squeeze.

Alone and empty,
my duffel bag soft on my shoulders,
I wait for my flight to be called.
Poor the caller - it doesn't know
that it is wrenching love away from love
in a "bad is good, cruel is kind" sort of way.

I am leaving...
But as I fly, I shall look down at the tree tops
and know, that one of the nests in there is mine
and that you will be bringing another twig to strengthen it
but will find me gone
the way love is gone when the earth has no place for it
when there isn't enough ground for its next step
and what cannot be, surrenders to the winds...
allows itself to be blown away.
And when you murmur softly under your breath
I'll hear you.