My Facebook Movie

Entry by: vinita18

15th February 2014
The Real Picture

My Facebook movie was just too much
It lit my face with a clever touch
Transitioned me down 2013, this way and that
Awakened memories, brought them back

The collage put together by robotic choice
Looked very pretty but I wish it had a voice
Still, this montage I hold dear to my heart
It makes me see the whole of which I am a part

Heck, Facebook! You should have given me more
Should have exposed my tears behind the smiles I wore
Viewers would have realized that the face is a mask
But to highlight the roots of emotions is no easy task

The musical encore that accompanied the movie
Projected life as Merry, hunky dory
Ah! the quiet stillness that measured my breaths
Was left unheard, left unexpressed

I know it was all up to me, how I played the game
Posted joyous smiles but kept hidden my pain
They say - laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone
So it's wise to hide life's bumps and present it in an even tone

Thank you Facebook movie for the condensation of a year
Of good times and glories and everything dear
Thank you for a minute encompassing 365 days
Thank you for showcasing each one of life's memorable phase

Perhaps this year I will post keeping your movie in mind
Exhibit not just the achievements but also things I've left behind
I'm tired of crying alone, tired of crying alone
I'm so done with masks and and feeling lonely when forlorn

I want the world by my side, whether happy or sad
It that's too much to ask, then that's just too bad
Don't want to live on the surface, no, not any more
Dive with me deeper friends, touch the heart's core!
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