Matter Of Heritage

Entry by: Martin Willitts Jr

12th March 2015

What do we inherit besides genealogy, genetics,
and family arguments?

My brother stole money;
I was the one disenfranchised by my parents.

What are blood, bone, and grief worth?
I changed my name, my address, moved on.
I could care less if they contact me.
I do not know how they are doing
or if they have killed each other.
What is my inheritance?

I was lucky; I escaped.
There are others who have rotten families,
thinking they can make it work,
change the unwilling, forgive the worthless,
absolve all sins.
What happens is it gets worse.
It is called Enabling.
What is their inheritance?

We feel we can’t choose our families.
We’re wrong.
we are born with the short end of the stick.
The best response is to break the sticks.

The best inheritance is our own self.