About My Mother

Entry by: Godai41

18th March 2015
About My Mother (and Yours)

Mothers remain among the most complex humans in the multiverse. Hence, questions, not statements, sometimes work best when pondering my (and your) mother.

Does anyone really comprehend his or her mother? Ha. No mom-ipulation intended.

Questions to help you understand my (and probably also your) mom:

1. How does or did your mother typically spend her day? Does or did she have any day at all for

2. Who waited up late for the kids when they went out?

3. When you were away and planning a visit home, did she send you a menu for you to mark what you want to eat?

4. Did you get to see your mother during her last days, if she’s no longer around?

5. What kind of activity makes or made your mother happiest? Saddest?

6. What still existing physical spot most reminds you of your mother? Why?

7. What is or was her favorite food?

8. Who are or were the most difficult people for her to deal with? Why?

9. If you could change some decisions you made as you grew up under her, which ones would you change? Why?

10. When you think of your mother, what do you miss most about her?

Extra question shared in the spirit of love to all mothers and their children:

11. Dear mother of mine, did you know in July, 1969, as I sailed in the overnight ferry ship from
Holyhead to Dublin, I was thinking of you who had departed the multiverse six months earlier?

___________________________________Write a question of your own about or to your mother.