About My Mother

Entry by: Paul McDermott

19th March 2015

A subtle shadow sidles at your door
A stranger, certainly - of that you're sure
And yet: there's something familiar in his face
The look in his eye? The shape of his nose?
Something in his face which you can't quite place?
Perhaps he told you a sorrowful tale, averring truth
To gain your trust, dissembling about his tragic youth
Step by stealthy step this genial rogue evolved to a rogue gene
Which multiplied and spread: silent, sinuous, unseen
Draining your life force. A thief in the night
Sapping your strength. Now the star which once burned bright
Collapses: a black hole in mid-air, filled with despair
Sleep now, Mother dear. Rest, brave Taurus, struggle no more
Your life's thread cut all too soon by Cancer's cruel claw