Behind The Moon

Entry by: Mr Golightly

25th March 2015
The Escapists

Come with me, we'll make it,
We'll ford the river Styx,
We'll vanish like magicians
Who have mastered all the tricks.
We'll chase the shy horizon,
Or we'll search for Arthur's tomb.
And if they ever try to catch us,
We can hide behind the moon.

Come along, I promise,
It won't all be for nought.
We'll laugh through all our troubles,
Like a jester pleasing court.
We'll be the stuff of legends,
Renowned throughout the land,
And if they ever try to hurt you
Then I swear they'll taste my hand.

Come on now, I need you,
It was always you and me.
I know they tried to break you
But the time has come to flee.
We'll end up all the stronger,
We won't always be forlorn,
Tomorrow's for the living,
It's only dark this side of dawn.