Behind The Moon

Entry by: Lainie Senechal

25th March 2015
What Lies Behind the Moon

Behind the moon
gargantuan galaxies swirl,
studded with jeweled stars;
the vast, empty spaces
fill with dark matter
which seeps like silent fog.

Behind the moon
exists a million suns
of various energy stages,
with quaint, mythical names:
brown and white dwarfs,
red giants, blue supergiants.

Behind the moon
are curious black holes
whose gravity gobbles
all, even the light, and
spinning pulsars that
send signals, maybe
messages from the universe.

Behind the moon
are quizzical quasars,
billions of years old;
still full of energy
and glimmering
with the brightest glow.

Behind the moon
stars explode unexpectedly
into brilliant supernovae,
like fireworks' bursts,
illuminating their corner
of the endless cosmos.

Behind the moon
comets and meteors
speed swiftly along,
across boundless expanses;
some have bombarded
the lunar landscape.

Behind the moon
are multitudes of
mysteries and marvels
but the enigmatic moon,
with its serene face,
tells little of what
lies beyond its light.