Behind The Moon

Entry by: vinita18

25th March 2015
Behind The Moon

Can I hide behind your calm facade, moon,
the sandstorm of a closing heart
and this year of wounds?

I have the destiny of a stowaway
I'm on my knees for a hundred existences
You, up there, you're a glass dreamer...let me give my truths to you.

Some light resides inside you
But I seek only your shadows
I seek only the lines of your circle

Now my years follow caution
and death is an important memory
Bliss would be to drown in the sea of poppies hidden behind you

I approach your visual remains every morning
you, the abandoned backwater of the night,
me, hoping to deposit my delusions in your pale labyrinths

Settle me into your journeys
I'm tired of standing and waiting
Let me share with you the echoes of my lost love