Behind The Moon

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

27th March 2015
There's no place for us to be together
Not today, not yesterday, not forever
Actions have consequences, and we
know all too well what they would be;
Back in the day their brief encounter was seen
by one of society's human machines,
And today we're in 1984
with cameras in every drawer
brains and eyes and records everywhere
They know if you eat a sandwich
or if you are in fact a legal witch.

Our fantasies hide from the reality of knowledge
You think of me, I think of you
and we need a seedy old bar (maybe the Moon?)
and some sleazy old jazz and some
alcohol, some cigarettes and some
desperation and then our atmosphere will be
complete, the stage set for acting. There's
too much of being tied to what you are
today and it's killing me and you too.

Can we eclipse it all?
Tonight we can hide with the sun
behind the moon
for a minute
till the earth moves.