Lost At Sea

Entry by: jaguar

8th April 2015

‘It's what we’ve always wanted’,
you said, ‘A treat to celebrate
our long life together -
a world-wide cruise.

Shuffleboard is my new game
I move from deck to deck
avoiding dreadful people
while we take tiny bites
at destinations
I’d starve to stay in.

I long to root through
freezer cabinets in exotic countries,
buy the rough ground spices
to make what they eat,
cook up their smiling warmth.
You are happier embedded
in prearranged itineraries,
shielded from taste and smell.

You shout from the prow of the boat,
‘I’m king of the world’,
my love for you drops
like a missed baton,
I see you in stark relief,
a dandelion clock about to burst,
the man I wanted you to be
an illusion, not just lost at sea.

I turn to watch the current's curl,
a web of drops sings to me.
lures me into the moment,
to crunch those wafered waves,
to find my true wavelength
in this salt wasteland.