Lost At Sea

Entry by: Corone

9th April 2015
Lost at Sea

The sea, silent, washes under me.
I am adrift, forgotten, but I remember.
I have not surrendered, but search, though the waves take me where they will.
They try to drown me, rolling over me like I am nothing.
I am turned, tossed and thrust deeper under the water.
But I rise again, floating gently to the surface to rest there once more.
I will not be denied, and I have patience.
They will take me this way, that way, but finally I will be free.
I have a destiny that cannot be denied; even the tides must answer to the moon.
One day I will be washed ashore.
Unless the sea seizes me again for another voyage,
I will sit upon the sand, and feel the sun shine upon my glass.
Someone will discover me there, and I will offer up my message.
Words I have never seen.
Then my journey will be done.
Until then I wait, a small thing on an ocean so vast.
But I have time, and I know I will find my way.