Reaching The Summit

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

24th April 2015
Was I reaching the summit
when I said I wanted
summat more?

Was I on my high horse
when you walked
right out the door?

Did I reach the stars
that time you nearly
knocked me out?

Have I peaked too early?
Do I need to turn
and turn about?

I'm writing a song here, but it needs a big chorus and some detailing if it's going to work. Think about a room, and a blue faded expensive flowered wallpaper, and a chaise longue (this coupled with the word 'expensive' has eradicated council and terrace houses from your theory), and a piano and the television on. There's a woman crying, and a baby laughing and a man cooking, and the smell of frying garlic and onion permeates the room irresistibly. This is something of normal life. Later they will eat and go to bed, and tomorrow they will get up, eat cereal, go to work. Maybe they will climb a mountain. When they get to the top, does this mean they are reaching the summit? They call it summiting in the trade. Suddenly they start singing:-

'Let's all get to the top!
We're allowed to, because we're grown up....
Let's all stay at the top!
We can do what we want - we're grown-up now.
Isn't it great? Isn't it great?
Let's eat sweets, watch DVDs, make love, make lunch, go to a restaurant, drink champagne, go to in an aeroplane... It's so great to be grown-up. Where's the next summit? Let's find it now! So exciting..we can find it, we know we can....just watch us.'