A Letter To...

Entry by: percypop

27th April 2015
Dear Alice
I am leaving tonight on the troopship Arethusa to join up with the boys who are fighting the Turks in Anatolia. I don’t know where it is but I’m told it will take us about two weeks to get there and it will be hot!
I couldn’t go without letting you know my feelings for you since we have been going out for a while now and I hope you will not mind my writing to you like this.
Jemmy has been a good friend to me and I think of him not just as your brother but my best friend. He reminds me of your lively smile and bright shiny hair, so when I am far away I will see you, Alice Jenkins, through your brother.
General Haig tells us that the Turk is a ferocious soldier but we have better equipment and will have every support. I hope he is right because at the moment we have not got tropical kit and our main battery guns are not in the convoy. So when will they arrive?
Jemmy says that you kept that rose I bought you at the summer Fair in Doncaster but I think he is joshing me. If you did –well I’d be as pleased as punch but I expect it is just his joke.
I left my best things with Mother in case we have a hard time out there and she will find some cash in my tin box that you know about. Dad is no good for cash since he got that lung infection or whatever it is that he got down the pit and he just sits around all day wheezing, poor old feller.
Anyhow, the colonel says we will be home by the end of the year so we can be together soon if you would like that.
Must go or I’ll miss the post collection which will be sent to you when we reach Cairo or some place.
Don’t forget
Your special Jo xxx
(By order of the War Ministry this letter was found on the body of Private Jonathan Warboys 1st Yorkshire Regt and delivered to the addressee in accordance with general instructions.)