A Letter To...

Entry by: vinita18

29th April 2015
A Letter To An Old Lover

My dear love,
It is damp near the sky
And I am just like the night -
seeking something luminous over the horizons
tracing the sadness of stars with my eyes
locking the marks of your absence
in my heart.

Reasons have things hidden in their folds.
There must be a reason why you left,
without a word.
So I always say, light up half of me
Let the other half stay charred
I love the other old half of myself.

The rain has plotted against me this season,
soddening my calendar in the downpour
Making days go away as days - Never loved.
How the clouds grieve seeing the hands of the ticking clock!
How violet is the haze near my dreams!

I realize now that my breath lied about everything.
Your nearness, your distance...the blue disappointment of words left unspoken between us.
I absorb the glowing diamonds at the tomb of solitude
and try to see my road in another light.

My love, the years have taken away my whys.