A Letter To...

Entry by: daddy

1st May 2015
Dear AHrrrino,
I do not know where you are or whether you can read what I write but I am sure that we are still connected with the cosmic umbilical that embroiders through the universe. Today the moment I sat foot in the Andromedia art gallery your memories came cascading down spanning millions of years.
Andromedia invite just said come and experience, the entrance was at the end of a dimly lit serpentine corridor, I was asked to enter barefoot. The darkness engulfed me even as I was in the process of putting my curled toes on the floor. Darkness came like dense fog it hugged and tugged making me feel as if I was sliding in to an abyss of nothingness. I felt marble beneath my feet, not cold not warm but moist and black. Dark green laser lights created shifting bunches of moss pin streaked with myriad of colors. I was hurtled back millions of years ago and clung to one call that of AHrrrino.
We lived in a huge cave, monstrous by today’s standards, and that day we had gone down the valley to the purple gigantic tree; it had been fruiting magenta colored delights from its trunk. Each fruit weighing up to 40lb. Our herd gathered and sat down to eat between two huge roots of the purple tree. That is when I saw you cracking out of your egg on the other side of the roots. It was fascinating to see you being born; my mother picked you up gently and held you to her heart beat for quite some time before setting you down on her lap. It was the first time I had seen birth and I was as curious as the other children were but mother did not allow anyone to come near her. Suddenly your beady eyes opened and you let out a scream AHHHrrrrrinohhhh. I was taken aback, but mother was unperturbed. Soon a huge Ggedy sauntered by, she was as tall and as broad as the Empire state building. She had vibrant brick red skin and huge veins could be seen pulsating green blood. Our herd grunted and welcomed her as she licked her new born and licked my mother and all of us dipping us in oodles of saliva. The newborn was christened AHrrrino, that is what all your grunts sounded like, and left to play among us. We were a herd of harmonious predecessors to humans and Ggedy was from a species that had left no fossils for analysis. We took the seeds of the fruit and scattered them whenever mother nudged us but mostly in open spaces in the valley.
In the evening, we all went back to our cave, which was high in the mountains and you and Ggedy settled down just outside the entrance for the night. During the night, I crept out and snuggled with you; both the mothers had no worries on this count. Days flew past, you grew much faster and stronger then me, and it was you who carried me around. You had a personality of your own brimming with confidence, at times you protested when Ggedy wanted you to follow her for some activity, and gauging the level of protest she left you with us. You used to venture into our cave until you became too big to enter and then you would sit with your back covering the entrance. We all lived in harmony not only with other living beings but also with the flora & fauna, the woods, the springs and the rocks.
That evening we all were sitting in the meadow when the violet pulsating orb rose in the sky from the west and cut purple swathes in the meadow, all were shocked and carefully retreated to their resting places. I saw my mother shiver and hold her flock close as we entered our cave. That day we went deep in to the cave deeper then I had been ever before. The cacophony started before we lay down for the night. Alternating flashes of red and singing heat struck the cave walls. The noise was terrifying; we went deeper and lay down in the stream that flowed through the bottom of the cave. The entrance was a giant orange ball; the ground shuddered and shook as if the very earth would burst open.
Then suddenly it was dark, there was muted silence.
Darkness had come as a savior. We slept cuddled up together, I thought I heard a scream, I thought I heard you AHrrrino, my mother shivered and my father calmed both of us. No one dared to go up to the entrance for many days. There were enough roots and vegetables for all of us to eat. We got used to the dark and learned the sounds of silence. Then one-day sobbing sunlight filtered through, it gave us courage to move up and glance out of the cave. Scorched earth awaited us, burnt charcoal all around. The ubiquitous odor of death trampling us through the grilled cave entrance. Mother herded us down sobbing, I saw you at the entrance, and those were your bones framed in the sunlight. No one ventured out of the cave ever again.
I will search for you AHrrrino, I will chase the light beams, which originated then, and I will catch up with them in distant future and relive the harmony. Relive what we have lost forever.