A Letter To...

Entry by: Alobear

1st May 2015
A Letter To…

To The People of Earth

I write on behalf of the Galactic Oversight Committee (GOC) to inform you of some recent changes to your planetary obligations. The GOC has come under new administration this past cycle and, as a result, a full review of its policies and protocols was undertaken. Previously, a technical loophole prevented your planet from being subject to audit, due to your lack of contact with worlds outside your own solar system.

However, under the new administration, this loophole has been abolished, and ignorance no longer secures exemption from GOC regulations. Due to this change in policy, a full audit of your planet has been completed and I herewith attach the outcome report.

This report comprises 9,753 pages and has been divided into the following sections for ease of reference:

Care of the Environment
Conflict Resolution
Energy Consumption
Equality and Justice
Future Proofing
Population Control
Rights of Non-Sentient Beings
Rights of Sentient Beings
Strategy Management

As you will see from the introductory summary, your planet has committed transgressions in every category, and immediate action is required.

Please review the report in full and provide by return a full action plan, detailing what you intend to do to rectify the situation, with proposed timelines and assignment of Project Leads to each working group. We will then contact you again to arrange a meeting to facilitate implementation.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and wish you luck in your endeavours.

Kind regards
Secretary to the Committee Chair