A Letter To...

Entry by: Corone

1st May 2015
Dear Outside

They tell me it is cold out there, but I think I could handle the cold. It is the space that worries me. I don’t think I could fill a space like that, and I hear the sky goes on forever. I would like to see a sky though, watch clouds against the blue and grey, feel the wind blow past me.

Can you tell me about the noise though first? Here the drumming never ends; it both comforts and annoys me. I hear all kinds of strange sounds through the walls though. There is talking, I think I like that, but roars and growls and screeches that set my nerves on edge. Are there monsters out there? Are these the sounds they make? I'm not sure I’d believe you if you said I was being foolish. I think for many years I will be watching for them, just to be sure.

The people scare me too. Not all of them I hope, but I can hear them out there. There are so many words I don’t understand. But I can hear what they feel. Sometimes it is good but the louder talking makes me uneasy. The two I hear most often do not always seem to agree and I am concerned that will be a problem. I need someone to help me out there. The He and the She seem the best ones to ask first, but how will I know who to trust?

Will the light blind me? I worry the sensations will be too much for me. Will the touch of another sting? Will the air taste foul and strange? Should I hold my breath or open my lungs and let the outside do what it must? I’m scared. But what scares me most is that I seem to have no choice. There is a pulse here and sometimes the walls crush me. I hear the She scream each time it happens. Long desperate screams and I know I am somehow at fault. Will the She hate me for this? I don’t know how to stop it. Maybe I can find a way to stay, hold the life rope and never let go. I am alone here; please, I just need someone to tell me what to do.

But you told me there was love out there. Gentle, passionate and beautiful. Maybe that is worth leaving this place for. Perhaps, for that, I can force myself to let go and accept what must be. If there is love I think I will be alright. I think I can face the rest if there is that at least.


The New