The Way Down

Entry by: vinita18

6th May 2015
The Way Down

When I conjure memories of that dark day
I see mankind at its worst

Humanity ran out of apologies
Scars barricaded the overflow of hurt

Bullets filled themselves with the blood of innocent chests
Lit up tears dripping on bones like gateways to hell

Religion was meant to heal but it scorched everything in its path
It shot fear into streets. It lost its way

Man fought man and cities burnt like infernos of hate
Only because religions didn't match

Ash-made time fell on doors - shut them forever
Peace became mouth weary, loathing slithered inside wombs

Now, whenever my eyes strain against the night
I feel a torrent of aloe-like compassion gush from my heart

So much heartache lies buried in these nights
So much light lies extinguished in this darkness

Yes, tolerance has lost its will
but innate goodness still exists. Good sense will return

Return to display forbearance and love
Return, in case lapses occur again

In case man forgets that all blood is red
And that violence is the way down, not the way forward