In The Beginning

Entry by: vinita18

12th May 2015
In The Beginning

In the beginning
faces emerge torn with the pain of birth
regretting the sun shining outside
more comforted by the darkness of the womb
warm, deep, purple soft.

In the beginning,
love is a happy summer
on the canvas of the night.
A slow purple mist of bliss
as eyes move over lips.

Rivers have memories of the times
before they ran dry
Before the moaning forest-fires
made tombstones of their thickly flowing waters
and shrines of their bedrocks.

Do you realize
that when you caressed my thick milk breasts,
I'd just finished watching a swan uncurl itself from a pose of rest
I'd just seen the universe and its coral-yellow sun
in my child's tender face...

In the beginning,
the end is never in sight.
the end marks a new beginning.
Such, the crests and troughs of time.