Writing About Art

Entry by: vinita18

4th June 2015

An Ekphrasis poem on a bejeweled woman in a painting

Mulberry colored gems shellac your skin
Shimmer in the moonlight like sequin pores
I inhale dry blossoms of gold with my eyes
in your temple like body.

The filigreed chains around your waist are must have been wintry
when extracted from their engraved boxes
But they warm against your flesh -
your heat flensing the chill off platinum...heating it.

I am drunk
on your silvery bosom
It bleaches the night, drowns the moon
renders my lungs airless.

The adornments in your hair
make rivers of desire flow in my veins
Your anklet bells
arrange sunsets in my eyes.

Womanhood is a breathtaking insignia of beauty;
but the art of jewelry stipples it with majesty
What more can I ask of you my love, than to allow me to drown
in your pendant heart...sink into the murmurs of earrings against your velvety lobes.