Before The Party

Entry by: vinita18

27th October 2014
Before The Party...

Here I stand
Replacing my shadow
by my light, my smile
so that when I enter
The party begins.

That I come from a bloodstained carpet
called life doesn't matter here.
This is a party
and what went on before it
should in no way spoil the fun.
Any mask will do.

Forever has turned its back forever.
Forever was what you left behind.
What you forgot to carry in your purse.
Forever was the first cigarette you smoked to ashes
here, in the glitter of this charcoal night.

His words are still plaited at your nape
Their strands flying into your ears
with every tiny breeze.
They sparkle like wine in your eyes
just short of spilling over.

But this is a nice party. So much to do.
So little to feel. Perfect way to live.
Forget the car keys with the valet
reminding you of long roads
serpenting your home.

The mountains so tired. Departing skies.
Such a haze before the party.
And now this other haze
that tucks you into tinkling empty words
and sparkling champagne.

Somewhere in between
you feel your oak splinter. A lightness.
You feel your shoulders dissolve.
No more burdens. Just a pool of laughter.
and you, drowning without trying.