My Best Face

Entry by: Alobear

10th June 2015
My Best Face

I have worn many faces in my time.

The first was pure innocence. Wide brown eyes, button nose, butter wouldn’t melt. Chestnut curls and a bow of a mouth. She had no idea the effect she had on those around her. In most, she brought out a protective instinct, a desperate desire to shield her from harm. She skipped her way through life, blithely happy and secure in the little world that revolved entirely around her.

Next came playful. There was mischief in that smile, a certain knowing quality that spoke of pranks planned and escapades already undertaken. She was bold and fearless, confident in her ability to avoid trouble. No matter what befell her, she brushed it off and added it to her stock of outrageous tales to tell her friends.

Which came after that? It’s difficult to remember; there have been so many. Ah yes, there was wistful. A depth of sorrow shone out of those eyes, above lips that rarely spoke. She kept herself to herself, but some wondered if perhaps she was just lonely and couldn’t express it. She was always looking out to the horizon, as if searching for something just out of reach, but nobody knew what it was she was seeking.

Oh, and what about the tease? She was probably my favourite – all coquettish smile and fluttering eyebrows. She knew exactly how to get what you wanted out of people. A flip of the hair and most would do whatever she asked. Add a wink and they were putty in her hands.

I could go on – the list is endless, but I must get ready to go out for the day. I cross to the large metal door, and open my walk-in freezer. There, arrayed on the shelves, all the faces look back at me, each one a special memory and perfect for a different occasion. Which is the best one to wear today?