Before The Party

Entry by: alimc

30th October 2014
Scene: Living room telephone rings:
Sarah: Hello
Anne: Hi, how are you? What are you going to wear to the party tonight?
Sarah: Party - what party?
Anne: Well, Jessica's party - didn't you get your invitation a couple of weeks ago?
Sarah: No, I didn't get anything.
Anne: Well, I'm sure she meant to send one - you should come anyway.
Sarah: Are you kidding? No way - this is just like Jessica- the bitch! She's been trying to work me out of our little group for as long as I've known her!
Anne: Really - I've never noticed anything like that - she doesn't seem like the type. . .
Sarah: You haven't noticed? What about the time everyone was invited to her place for a Halloween party and you all dressed up in that pirate theme only she never bothered to tell me and I came as a flippin princess. . .
Anne: Yes, but you said you had missed the email and besides, we made you into our "Wendy" amongst all our Captain Hooks.
Sarah: Well, yeah, I guess that was what happened. . .but oh, then there was the time everyone was going on that picnic and she sent a list of what to bring, only I didn't get informed and instead of bringing vegetarian I brought along a big old ham and cheese submarine sandwich to feed fifteen people!
Anne: (chuckling) Oh yeah, I remember that - but then you found the crumpled up note she had given you in your pocket - so it wasn't her fault after all.
Sarah: Well, maybe not - but this time I definitely did not get an invitation in the mail. And even if you don't think she's trying to push me out, I get very definite vibes that she is. I have half a mind to phone her right now and give her a piece of my mind. . . Wait, hang on, there's a beep - I'll get right back to you.

A few moments pass - Sarah comes back on the line with Anne.

Sarah: Uh, hi, you still there?
Anne: Yep, was that something important? Do you have to go?
Sarah: Uh, it was Jessica - she said she found my invitation under a pile of papers - never got it sent - she was phoning to invite me to the party -soooo, what dress are you going to wear?