The Greater Good

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

26th June 2015
You are the bad guys.
If you use violence, you instantly put yourself in the wrong.
But what’s your point anyway?
Do you know?
If you hit people, no one will like you.
They might fear you, but no one will like you.
And fear is always limited.

You are the bad guys.
How does it feel?
When you are small, alone,
Shivering, dying, not in an
Explosion of passion, not in
A frenzied media storm, not
In heaven, but just in
The world that we, in our
Hearts know to be what it
Is: gas, matter, liquid;

All over the world people are
Having fun, writing television,
Watching television, making sausages,
Playing with animals and children,
Making music, playing music, selling things.
Bantering in science labs trying to create
Power in a nice way for people to use.
Does that make you want to shoot them?
They still won’t like you.
If you go and say ‘hello’ and smile, and
Ask them how they are they will probably
Like you and ask you the same. Is that
Too easy? Is it? Really? ….....................