In The Holidays

Entry by: Alobear

3rd July 2015
In The Holidays

In the school holidays, mummy and daddy and Bryan and Katie and me went on a trip. Mummy spent all morning trying to fit all our stuff in the car. She shouted a lot. When we were all in the car, daddy tried to make it go but it wouldn’t go. Daddy said a bad word and mummy shouted at him. The next time he tried, the car did go and everyone was happy again. Daddy told me and Bryan to play the game where we have to sit very still and be very quiet and see how long we can stay like that. I’m really good at the game and I always win. I won this time too because Bryan poked me to make me make a noise but I didn’t and he moved so he lost. Bryan said it didn’t count but daddy said best of three so we played again and I won again. Bryan was cross and poked me when daddy wasn’t looking, but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get in trouble. Katie is too small to play the game but I think she will win when she is bigger because she is the most quiet of all of us and knows that making noise makes daddy cross. Sometimes I think Bryan makes daddy cross on purpose.

It rained when we were at the caravan and we all got wet putting the stuff inside. Then we couldn’t do anything because it was raining so we all stayed in the caravan and daddy got cross even though nobody was making any noise. Bryan and me played snap and watched Katie, and mummy and daddy went into the kitchen and whispered very loudly like they do when they are cross and don’t want us to know. Mummy made us all some sandwiches and we ate them. They had ham in them. Daddy got bored and went to the pub to watch the football and the rest of us stayed inside the caravan and played more snap. Daddy was happy when he came back because his team won the game. He sang very loudly and mummy told him to go to bed. Then we all went to bed too.

The next day, it didn’t rain so we went to the beach. Bryan and me played in the sea, and mummy sat on the sand with Katie. Daddy got us all ice cream. It was a really nice day. Then Bryan stepped on a jelly fish and cried and mummy had to take him to the doctor. Daddy got cross and me and Katie had to go back to the caravan with him. He spilled his coffee and shouted a lot, so I took Katie to the bedroom and stayed quiet with her until mummy and Bryan came back.

The next day, mummy and Bryan and Katie and me went to the shops. Daddy stayed behind so he could go to the pub again. Mummy gave me and Bryan some 2ps so we could play the waterfall game at the arcade. I made some coins fall down but Bryan didn’t. Then it was time to go home and we all got in the car again. I won the quiet game again and Bryan got cross. Daddy shouted at him and Bryan shouted back, and mummy shouted at them both. Katie and I practised being quiet so we could win the game.

That was what happened on our holiday.