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shobhana kumar



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10:47, 14 Nov 2014

there must have been
a hundred kites up
in the sky that day—
every colour and size
filled the dark, blue sky.

people set out
their picnic baskets
and brought out
their Sunday's best
behaviour and such.

all was well
until one little
red kite teased
and taunted
the three-times winner.
such impudence,
it took just seconds
to bring him down.

kite-hormones surged
and armies soon
took their sides.

strings were cut
kites were felled
as laughter died

minutes before
the winner was
a gust of wind
thought otherwise.

and so this year,
there was no trophy
to take home at all.

talk is abound
with plans
for the next fest
when kites will be painted
like country flags.

rumours are rife
as to who might win
against the sky.

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