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Notes Entries 100 Books

05:14, 29 Dec 2014

Perfect, large, beautiful eyes stare at me
Your luscious hair taunts me
I only mirror dull features
But my small, broken eyes have a history.

My shallow breath felt stronger once.
This fragmented heart puts on a brave front.
But you with your arsenal of a perfect nose and lips
You slay my mighty tower and bring me to pits.

I was once sailing on cloud 9, cautiously grabbing at the stars
But I have fallen down so hard so fast
That though I tenaciously try, I cannot find my anchor
The one that made me so easily look into the mirror.

My palms bang against all walls, but in vain
There’s no escape from this prison I’m locked in
I shut my ears from this place that I can never flee
That echoes your tantalising whisper, “ugly”.

05:13, 29 Dec 2014

You dream of those tickling butterflies
I’m told to dream otherwise
You dream of those first nervous glances
I’m told that they will give me the chances.

You dream of the diamonds adorned on that magical night
Me? I’m told not to dream in blithe.
You dream of melting into the sunset, feeling it’s warmth
I’m told to avert my gaze to the north.

You dream of peeling off your vulnerability
You dream of creating passion laced with tranquility
I’m told when to reach out and when to fly
I’m told to keep my feet on the ground, not to brush against the sky.

You dream of those strolls while our hands are clasped shyly
Growing into a walk that ends in rings joining us tightly
You dream of flying together, even if from the bottom we start
You wish for all this on an ethereal being- a shooting star.

I’m told not to wish for those cold winter nights
I’m told that sharing your warmth isn’t right
I’m told that to wash out the fire blazing in my soul
I’m told that one spark can burn down my haven if I fold.

You want to whisper it, cry it out, scream it
You want the spotlight on us, brightly lit
You want this world and so much more from it
They zip my lips, but in the carcass of my heart,
I preserve it.

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