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02:54, 1 Apr 2015
Ruapehu, My Beautiful Mountain

I've sat with my back against the sun kissed stones sprawled at the base of your rocky skirt
I've gazed up in awe at the majesty of you, towering sky tipped above me
You've taken all I've had to give and listened without complaint
You've held me in your strong embrace and caressed my face with your soft white kisses
I've bled my fears and cried many tears on you, soaking them into your earth
The scorching pain of my heartaches I've laid bare upon your snowy blanket, Rivulets of despair I've leached into the icy cold stream babbling across your feet
In my world of pain and uncertainty you were always there, waiting
and watching
To listen and nurture and hold me close to your powerful heart
Thank you my beautiful mountain, for being there when I needed you.

20:50, 26 Mar 2015
Behind the moon I believe is a myriad of miracles and wonderous magic but what do we really know of the reality.
Would we even understand it if we knew?
On this side of the Moon we have witnessed stunning bright colours, explosions, the birth of new planets, landings on the Moon and Mars but what is happening on the OTHER side of the Moon?
Imaginations run riot but I doubt any imagination could top the reality.
The movie world is full of creative geniuses who bring us Sci-Fi movies like ET, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Star Trek, Alien, Black Hole, When Worlds Collide, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and so the list goes on and on.
So how realistic do we think these movies really are?
There are asteroids out there that are excrutiatingly close to earth lately. Remember the movie, Asteroid?
We don't really want to find out how close to reality that movie was.
I would like to think there is life out there, there has to be surely.
How arrogant would we be if we thought we were the only living 'beings' in the Universe.
Maybe we are the only living creatures on THIS side of the Moon but there's a gynormous galaxy out there that we have yet to discover.
I suspect they might discover us first, if they haven't already.
What if they have?
Who are they, what planet are they from, and is it a planet or something we don't have any comprehension of.
I don't think our brain structures are wired for this - yet.
Maybe that's why we haven't yet been shown what is behind the Moon.
But watch this space, things could get real interesting over the next few million years.

22:33, 3 Mar 2015
Punch in the time card, open the door
Pull on your dust coat, head out to the floor
Stand by your station, at the conveyor table
Reach for the product, and apply a label.
'This one's not right!', shout's the man at the top
'Do it again, quickly now, chop chop.
If you mess up one more time it will be curtains for you
I don't want to see that to happen to a nice girl like you.'
The machines quietly murmur their way through the day
With automatons like us who tend to get in the way
At last the bell goes and we all file out
'Cuppa tea time,' comes a merry old shout.
'How was last night Gladys, did you go out with Steve?
And did you see the Andy with his new girl on his sleeve?''
All too soon tea breaks over and we all wander out
To stand at our tables and dull ourselves out
An automaton is what we've become, lifeless and listless and totaly numb

03:50, 24 Feb 2015
She Loves Me

He thought she did, in his own self involved mind
He thought she would be his forever, to have and to hold
To control and manipulate, to do his bidding,
But finally she said no more, and walked out
He thought she loved him, he hadn't noticed the changes in her
The sadness, the tears in her eyes, the pain in her heart
He broke her wings, took her freedom away
She couldn't breathe, she couldn't stay
He said, I thought you loved me
She said I thought so too.

03:38, 21 Feb 2015
The Peace Deal

White Dove carries an olive branch
as the storms of wrath abate.
Both sides sit at the table
heart in mouth...and wait.
Who'll go first, who'll pick up the pen
Who'll sign their name on the line.
What's done is done, don't look back
to forgive and forget takes time.
She picks up the pen and signs her name
He takes the form and does the same
She watches him, doesn't show how she feels
now that they've signed off on this Peace Deal.
It'd been many long years, many battles fought
But it wasn't all bad if one gave it thought
Both sides lost and both sides won
But now the marriage is over and done.

01:36, 6 Feb 2015
Yes we can....

I was bottling my tomatoes the other day
When the thought occurred - there has to be a better way
So I rang the people at the Watties Factory
The answer they gave me was most satisfactory
'Can you put my tomatoes in a can young man?'
And the reply came back -
'Yes we can.'

03:44, 23 Jan 2015
A light tap, tap tap, at the door drew Millicent's thoughtful gaze from the dancing flames in her fireplace to the source of the distraction.
A white gloved hand appeared from behind the heavy oak door which was hinged into the wall of the dimly lit wood panelled drawing room. The fingers were splayed out to balance a tray heavy laden with silver and fine china. Following the tray was a rather stern and ancient looking butler in his black frock coat, severely starched white shirt front and white bow tie.
'Ma'am' he queried in an old tired voice.
'By the window please Jeeves, ' she ordered, the years of experience giving orders dripping off every word. She rose from her seat beside the fire, her silk petticoats whispering softly beneath her white organza gown with the embroidered bluebell pattern. It was her favourite.
The butler expertly placed the tray on the delicately embroidered lace table cloth which adorned the small round table beneath the square lead light windows. Either side of the table stood two tapestry embroidered, oval backed chairs waiting patiently for their occupants.
'Thank you Jeeves. I will serve today,' she dismissed him from the room with a delicate but companding flick of her tiny hand.
Another knock at the door and Millicent turned expectantly.
'Mrs Gertrude, Armitage-Jones-Forsyth m'Lady.'
'Oh Gertie, you do look lovely in that gown, the colour suits you so.'
'Millie daahhling, oh I love to see you in your pretty organza. Whoever would believe that another year has just danced on by my dear. Fifty years we have been meeting at this very same time in this very room to celebrate our birthdays together before the big hurrahs. Hasn't it been such fun being a twin.'
'It has my dearest and neither of us looks or feels our 80 years do we.'
'Not at all, not at all.'
After partaking of their tea with scones, jam and cream, Gertrude rose to leave.
'Millie it's been such a lovely visit, as always. So nice that the two of us can catch up without everyone else butting in don't you think?'
'I do dear, that I do.'
'Now Gertie, Edward and I are off to that new Vaudeville show next week, why don't you come along with us.'
Oh Millie, thank you but you know full well those shows are just not my Cup of Tea.

22:02, 14 Jan 2015
The little blue planet.
Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away there was a little blue planet called Earth. It had been around for millions of years and had its very own solar system. One day the Earth mother, Gaia, called upon the planet Gods.
'I am very concerned about my beloved Earth,' she told them. 'It is dying, we need to do something.'
'What can we do to help Gaia?' they asked kindly.
'Well,' she smiled, 'I have a plan. Why don't we overlay the Earth with a great blanket of powerful Love energy and see what happens.'
'Wonderful idea,' they chorused. 'When shall we do it?'
'Well the planets will be well aligned on March 31st, 2015 why don't we do it then. We'll call it the Photon Belt and set it to last for a thousand years'
So that's what they did, and the results were remarkable. The nations who had been at war, some of them for many generations, lay down their weapons and embraced their enemies. Each nation sang it's anthem with such great gusto that it made Gaia tingle with delight.
The terrorists suddenly found it so difficult to hate that they gave up their campaigns, came out from their hiding places in the desert and threw off their masks. They formed rock groups and wrote love songs instead.
All the races on the planet threw off their glasses of difference and realised that they were all one people and they embraced each other. Gaia beamed with delight when she heard and felt a beautiful humming thrilling through her.
'Aaah they are singing the blues, oh how I love the vibration and rhythm of the blues, it touches the human soul unlike any other music I've ever heard.'
Before long the whole world was humming and singing and whistling and dancing and smiling at one another.
All the world leaders got together and held a summit meeting, signing a treaty that they would do everything in their power to uphold this wonderful peace on Earth. They linked arms and sang the Beatles song, Love, Love Love. That's when the Earth turned from blue to the most brilliant rose red pink the galaxy had ever seen. It spun and sparkled and shone its brilliance all through the universe causing the inhabitants of other planets to stand and gaze in awe.
And so the people on Earth lived in peace and harmony for the next thousand years.

00:15, 7 Jan 2015
I raise my glass, I wish good cheer and say goodbye to another year

Auld lang syne wafts through the still night, fireworks create a stellar delight,

what's done is done, what's been has gone, 'Another year over' sings the singer of the song,

We've had fires and flooding, volcanic eruptions, melting ice, earthquakes and catasrophic destruction,

planes falling out of the sky to the ocean, civil unrest and racial emotion,

lying and cheating and political upheavel, some hideous crimes that were simply pure evil,

May this year be more fruitful and bring you good cheer, I raise my glass to you and wish a Happy New Year.

04:22, 1 Jan 2015
I was scared.
The first thump outside my window brought me upright in my bed, heart pounding.
'What was that?
The second thump brought me to my feet. I grabbed my dressing gown hanging behind the bedroom door, unconsciously slipping it on as I ventured furtively out into the hallway. As I crept past the spare room door my heart stopped beating. There at the naked window was the shadow of a man. No hairline. Was he wearing a hood?
Who was he?
Why pick on this house, why me?
I slid back in to my bedroom, jelly legs giving way as I plopped down on the bed.
I grabbed the bedside phone. Don't turn the light on.
'Police, how can I help'
'There's a man trying to break into my house.'
'What's your address maam. And your phone number please. Okay we will get someone to come out and see you.'
I hung up and went back out into the hall stopping briefly outside the spare room leaning against the wall for support. He was still there working determindly to get the window open. I ran on tip toes to the kitchen, yanked open the cutlery drawer, cringed at the noise it made, and grabbed a large carving knife. There I stood, in the dark, trembling, a knife in my sweaty hands, adrenalin pounding through my veins waiting to confront my intruder. I wasn't just scared, I was terrified. I stood there hoping to hear a siren approaching but nothing. Then I heard the intruders feet hit the floor. He was in the house. In that moment I thought, 'Stuff this, my life is worth more than this.' I threw the knife on the bench and ran across to the ranch slider. I pulled it open as quietly as I could. I hesitated.
'Were there anymore of them out there, waiting?
In the end I decided to take my chances. I ran for my life up the driveway to the street expecting someone to leap out and grab me at any moment. But once at the top of the street it was all quiet. No cars, no people, nothing. I saw some lights on in a house at the end of the street, maybe there's someone there. I ran up the path to their door, pounding on it and calling for help. No-one came. There was no-one there, they were just security lights. So I crouched down and hid in the flax bushes in the garden and waited for the cops. I waited and I waited and I waited. Eventually I made the decision to run down the road towards town in the hope that I might either meet the cops or find a house with lights on. It must be after 11pm by now, would anybody still be up? Finally I saw a house with lights on. I banged loudly on the door startling seven bells out of the lone male occupant.
'There's someone in my house, can I use your phone?'
He showed me to the phone. 'I'll put the jug on. Are you okay? Would you like a coffee?'
'Yes to both, thanks. Hello, yes, Police. Yes it's me again. He's in and I'm out, where's the bloody cops?'

The police did turn up shortly after but it was an hour and a half after my first call which was never acted upon. I thank God I never stayed to confront the intruder that night in the hope that the cops would turn up to save me, otherwise I might not be writing this today. True story.

Post script: True story. Long story - but to cut it short - I decided to run for my life. It took another phone call to the Police before they eventually turned up an hour and a half later. This gave the intruder plenty of time to make off with a whole lot of goodies. Never saw my stuff again and no-one was ever charged although the culprit was later identified as it was a town of only 2000 people.

01:18, 26 Dec 2014
Ohakune in Winter.
The ice cold air slapped me in the face as I left the cosy warm confines of the local club. Snow covered the ground, the cars in the car park were covered in ice. I tried my key in the lock. Damn, it was frozen over again. I congratulated myself on at least taking the time to put newspaper on the windscreen. As I rummaged through my handbag for my trusty expired credit card slash ice scrapper I noticed another patron leave the warm club and head to his vehicle. As I was scraping the ice away from around the keyhole my attention was drawn back to him. 'What was he doing? Oh my God, he was peeing on his door lock.' When I recovered from my initial shock I decided it was probably not a bad idea, pity I wasn't physically equiped to do the same. Finally I got the key in lock and persuaded it to open the door. As I was removing the frozen newspaper from the windscreen I watched intrigued as my fellow car park inhabitant leapt onto the bonnet of his truck. 'Now what's he doing? Oh my God, he's peeing on the windscreen. Yuk'. I quickly grabbed up the rest of the newspaper averting my gaze so he didn't catch me watching him. Then I heard him call out.
'You alright love, can I give you a hand?'
'Ah, no thanks, I'm all good.'
'Suit yerself' he laughed.
I quickly slid into the cold interior of my car and prayed that it would start first pop. It didn't. The truck started straight away. Of course it did, he'd probably peed in the gas tank. I heard the truck sidling up beside my car. He wound the window down, I did the same.
'Sure you don't need a hand love?'
'Nope, all good to go.'
'Okay then, if you're sure,' and he was gone.
Third time lucky, I was finally away. Soft fluffy snow flakes plopped onto my windscreen as I left the carpark. Cool, I loved driving when it was like this. I decided to take the long way home and enjoy the falling snow finally pulling up in the driveway. A beam of warm yellow light fell across the path as the door opened.
'What took you so long love.'
'Took the long way home Dad.'
'Silly girl, come on in from the cold.'

02:08, 15 Dec 2014
I sat huddled on the floor in the corner of the vanity, heart breaking at the thought of losing my soul mate. We were both 26, the year was 1979. They wouldn't let me see him at first, there had been a family rift but seeing me so upset they relented at the final hour.

As we sat hand in hand in the intensive care unit, his warm hand comfortably curled around mine a million thoughts flooded in reminding me of all the precious moments we had shared together. I laughed, I cried, I smiled. I love you I said and kissed his forehead, the last flesh to flesh moment we would ever have.

Then it was time to go, the Doctors wanted his gorgeous, precious 26 year old body so they could extract his organs for donation. He was so fit and healthy. His parents hearts were torn into a million pieces, they were sobbing with pain, how were they meant to say yes to someone cutting up their beautiful boy - he was still warm, he was still breathing - but not on his own. Oh God, how painful is this, the battle between grief and pain and doing a good deed. Finally they said yes and he was gone, through the doors. I couldn't bear to dwell on it anymore, it was time to switch off and gather those beautiful memories back around me for comfort.

I am currently an organ donor but my spiritual beliefs are swaying me away from the idea as they believe that cutting into the body while it is still technically alive, also cuts into the Soul and is thus carried through with you into the next life.

08:41, 10 Dec 2014
Paranoia In The Dark

Here you come again. Every night you come, unbidden, relentless, merciless.
I hate you but still you come. I scream and cry out but still you come. Why?
Why can't you just leave me alone in the Light.
I can't sleep when you are here, there is too much happening outside my window. I hear noises in my house that only come when you are here.
When she comes, the full moon, and hangs herself on your dark canopy I can sit and watch what is happening outside my window.
Why can't you bring her every night?
The only thing I like about your visits is the bright splash of Light and colour that appears on the horizon when you leave. Then I sleep.

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