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15:01, 8 Nov 2014
sometimes I think should go prison, because I could murder a cup of tea.... anybody?

11:32, 15 Oct 2014
many minds manifest cityscapes like forests

22:48, 4 Dec 2013
Chemically, wood is a composite material of about 50% flexible ‘cellulose fibres’ (what paper is made of), glued together with about 30% ‘lignin’ (a biopolymer – a type of plastic). Lignin has this amazing property: that if you heat it to 100⁰C it softens just enough for the cellulose fibres slide against each other if some external forces are introduced. This means when the wood is hot, it can be squashed, stretched, compressed, split, twisted and bent to some degree without breaking it. When it cools the lignin sets, and when the wood dries the bend becomes permanent.

11:45, 30 Nov 2013
There are days we live
as if death were nowhere
in the background

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