What Is Treason?

Entry by: charlie

5th November 2014
You ask me 'What is Treason'?

I am the prince of my eyes, and the emperor of all the senses.
'We need to keep this ship going' I hear a voice in a dream, and when I wake I pay my dues as always; perform the little rituals and offerings, make some coffee, maybe buy some clothes or some books.

You ask me 'What is Treason' and I look up over my wine and tell you 'This is treason'. Every time I fall short, I am less than treacherous scum – not fit for purpose.

I look out over the sore watery blue shores, at the room we share and bed we escape to, and I see you are broken too.

Here only the old and lazy cat is fracture-free. She is warm in her world and treachery has not found its way to her. She knows a good thing and has no questions.