The Consequence Was...

Entry by: safemouse

1st January 2016
The law of eventual realisation
If your inner Chihuahua was a fighter pilot, what altitude would it fly at?

(A mash up and nod to "And as she ran, day by day, she planned her next steps.")

Act and you get a reaction
Should be obvious but...
Who knew?

Sometimes when you’re a million miles off
You trudge millions more
Before you have a clue

And others you know on day one (Elise)
But trudge anyway
With a stone in your shoe

Oh Chihuahua, Oh Chihuahua

So hear my old story of peristalsis
I speak of things that metabolise
For most of us suckers, anyways

Not so much a face palm or an oh fuck
As some quiet twinge or a squeak
On an old hinge

Actions ripple in slow motion
Through the years and decades
Oh hear their cry

Ruff ruff, grrr, ruff ruff, grrrrrr

Echoes in ethereal memories
Random cameos in dreams
A wedding's aftertaste

How the choices we made
Shine far away like cold fires
Winking silently

Traces of some mythical journey
Left behind like caked dirt
On old shoes

Oh Chihuahua, Oh Chihuahua

But still we can see them in the dark
How they are compressed
Like we got them off our chest

And in the museum of self-identity (woe-o-yeah)
There were old bones in glass cases
Proudly on display

The sexiest moments
Some allowed, some taboo
Were treasures we clung onto

Oh Chihuahua, Oh Chihuahua

And always the persuasive ego fool
He say if you want the truth
Ignore the graffiti on the wall (no no no)

But sometimes the mind struggles
Even to censor the inner mouth
Something swallowed repeats itself

We cannot always make light of dark times
Re-play the hand
For there is only one

Oh Chihuahua Oh Chihuahua

Welcome to the game of consequences
Is your tail between your legs?
Dare you check the score?

Oh Chihuahua hear my prayer

May your bark be worse than your bite
Shred only junk mail, don’t get sat on
And don’t fly too close to the sun

Oh Chihuahua Oh Chihuahua
Don’t you think that it’s so?
My little warrior, dare you fly?

Oh Chihuahua, Oh Chihuahua (Repeat and fade)
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