A To Z

Entry by: Seaside Scribbler

5th January 2018
The A to Z of Writers' Block

Amazing idea doesn't translate at all to paper.
Burns tongue drinking tea too hot, impatient, slurping.
Cries to empty house... 'Idea! Where are you?'
Drinks some coffee, to alternate with the tea.
Empties bin, looking for lost scrap of paper with brilliant idea.
F+++ this, I can't write. I just can't.
Gets up. Walks around house, wanders from room to room.
Hopes that after a snack things will improve. Gets snack.
Indian. I'm going to get a meal from the new Indian for tea.
Jesus, stop thinking about food and just WRITE!
Kisses computer. As if that will help the words fall together better.
Lonely job, this. Maybe if I go for a walk I'll find inspiration.
Maybe. Maybe I should just go back to teaching.
No! I'm a writer, therefore I write. And the idea WILL come. Soon.
Oh for God's sake that last paragraph is absolute rubbish...
Printer needs ink anyway so if I don't get this finished it's okay.
Queen on the radio... I'll just go and turn it up a bit...
Really fed up with this. Why won't the words come...?
Sits, stands, stirs tea, sits, swallows snack, stands, stretches, sits...
Tomorrow. I'll finish this tomorrow. It'll all sound better then.
Underneath my desk is such a mess. If I tidy it I'll think better.
Verbs. Maybe I need more verbs. More action. Maybe not.
Why? Why do I think I can be any good at this?
X-rays. Could I write about something odd on an X-ray? No.
Yesterday it all seemed so much easier...Today it's hard...
Zebras... I wonder if you can ride them? STOP DAYDREAMING...