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13:43, 4 Mar 2022
Hi there, I wrote a 1600+ word entry for Wind Doth Blow, and submitted it. I couldn't reread it as it disappeared when I hit 'submit'. It didn't appear on Ephemera, so I thought it would appear when marking was done. Anyway there is just a blank space and the markers said 'nothing here'... Is the work retrievable? I'm a bit gutted as I wrote it off the top of my head and didn't make a copy! Often these spur of the moment stories turn into bigger things. I'm not really wanting to write another entry until I know what happened to this one! I'll try to make a copy before I hit send in future, though I never had to do that before. Many thanks, SS

22:19, 1 Mar 2022
Hello void...
just finished marking. I like that this is here... Is Alison still involved? Yes I'd already entered. I forgot to click to say it can be on Ephemera as it didn't appear on there...
Busy day today so I'm away to sleep.
Sweet dreams...

21:13, 28 Feb 2022
Is the void going to shout back....

13:19, 25 Feb 2022
Also nice to see I can still write a story off the top of my head - the tight parameters help me focus. Have been working on a second book of short stories and a novel, but so far no publisher.... Kind regards Alison and I hope this keeps going for a while. I shall help spread the word on twitter.

13:14, 25 Feb 2022
Hey! Nice to be back :) Got a buzz when I saw this week's e mail. Thought last week was a one off and I didn't have any time anyway, but this week's was here too. Smiles.

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