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10:56, 1 Aug 2023
Great, are we back on? I really miss blocking out the world for a whole hour and seeing what comes out.... nice to have the odd win but often the piece that comes out is a bit odd and needs reworked afterwards, however these reworked pieces have sometimes led to success too. I miss the regularity and the magazines.....There's something about just sitting and letting your mind GO free for an hour - it's not the same if I try to do it unprompted, for some reason. I've just come back and read what I wrote for A New Room, and had honestly forgotten writing it as it only exists on here. Was a pleasant surprise to a) win and b) see it wasn't that bad! Blows me away what your mind can so in a concentrated hour.
Hoping this means we're off again in the near future...

08:11, 18 Oct 2022
LOVE the piece by the energy consultant! Who are you? Was brilliant. Not one of mine to mark, unfortunately.

14:24, 12 Oct 2022
I hope you've not vanished again... I was enjoying being back!

13:20, 23 Sep 2022
Crikey. Only just finished that one in time. The trouble with writing from scratch, with only the tiniest idea of where your story might go, is that characters do things you do not expect. Didn't even get time for a proof read then, so expect typos. Many typos. One of the markers last week commented I must be able to type fast - yes, stupidly so, but only with four fingers, as I never learnt properly! the hour on here has taught me to write and think on my feet and when I have tiiiimmmmeee that can stretch, how incredible it is! Anyone who writes on here tried Nanowrimo? It's really fun :) And this is a great practice for it. Love, a proper pantser.

14:29, 9 Sep 2022
How nice to know I can still do this. Let it go and let it flow and edit as I go..... finished up with 37 seconds to spare!!! And possibly bought myself some life at the same time ;)

13:43, 4 Mar 2022
Hi there, I wrote a 1600+ word entry for Wind Doth Blow, and submitted it. I couldn't reread it as it disappeared when I hit 'submit'. It didn't appear on Ephemera, so I thought it would appear when marking was done. Anyway there is just a blank space and the markers said 'nothing here'... Is the work retrievable? I'm a bit gutted as I wrote it off the top of my head and didn't make a copy! Often these spur of the moment stories turn into bigger things. I'm not really wanting to write another entry until I know what happened to this one! I'll try to make a copy before I hit send in future, though I never had to do that before. Many thanks, SS

22:19, 1 Mar 2022
Hello void...
just finished marking. I like that this is here... Is Alison still involved? Yes I'd already entered. I forgot to click to say it can be on Ephemera as it didn't appear on there...
Busy day today so I'm away to sleep.
Sweet dreams...

21:13, 28 Feb 2022
Is the void going to shout back....

13:19, 25 Feb 2022
Also nice to see I can still write a story off the top of my head - the tight parameters help me focus. Have been working on a second book of short stories and a novel, but so far no publisher.... Kind regards Alison and I hope this keeps going for a while. I shall help spread the word on twitter.

13:14, 25 Feb 2022
Hey! Nice to be back :) Got a buzz when I saw this week's e mail. Thought last week was a one off and I didn't have any time anyway, but this week's was here too. Smiles.

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