A Letter To...

Entry by: Seaside Scribbler

30th April 2015
To: Everyone on Earth From: Galactic Council
Earth Futurism Division

Dear Earthlings,

I write to you on behalf of the Futurism department for this galaxy. This is the third communique we have sent. Electronic messages seem to be taken as a hoax, and it is difficult for inhabitants of Veneta II - our HQ - to speak English beause of the differences in our head shape. However, we can write all of your languages but have chosen English for reasons you do not need to know. This letter shall be delivered by autobot to the head of the UK, once you've stopped arguing about who will do the job best. That you still mess about with democracy is beyond us. Most of the other inhabited planets in our galaxy have a form of communodictate as their government. A strong leader, but a large and varied equal cabinet. Works every time - and there is no arguing.

Are you surprised we know this? Here at Veneta II we are the eyes and ears of the whole galaxy, and yes, we do send spies from time to time. You will recognise us as 'misfits' or 'ghosts'; for however hard we try it is very hard to mimic a human convincingly or get the energy mix quite right.

Anyway, to the point of this letter. Earth herself has warned you several times about the mess you are making of her. You do not know how to listen yet. Other planets manage this fairly well, which makes me wonder again how you get it so wrong so often. You have the most artistic and intelligent people with high IQs and great empathy, yet you continue to burn your lights and drive your cars and buy things from the factories which burn power like monsters. You make these pathetic attempts at 'environmentally friendly' ideas - what a ghastly term - yet you never follow them through. You have not learned how to think together like members of other planets - they think only of the furture and consider themselves custodians. And I do believe you have not managed to produce any people who can speak to Earth. Perhaps you have, but you think they are crazy people and you lock them up. We watch this happening and we shake our heads and we wonder when you will learn.

The fact is you are more keen to fight each other - just because you believe different things. Really?! One lot say God is like THIS and another say God is like THAT and you fight. (God gets really annoyed about that, by the way. And she's not who you think she is.) And all the time Earth is being destroyed and you are too busy to notice. And money! What is this thing with an abstract concept, this obsession? It's nothing. You can't eat it or plant it; therefore it is of no use to you.

Earth herself tried to tell you all the time. That earthquake last week? That was her, fed up, trying to shake some of you off. The volcano that's about to blow in America? She hopes that will knock off a few humans too. The crazy weather you are all having? That's her, fed up, mixed up, bleeding in all the wrong places. She is losing control of her own systems, and believe me, you do not want this to continue. Planets can implode. We know, because we've seen it happen.

So, we are writing to tell you again - you must stop living the way you are. If the person we sent this to follows our instructions - and we will make sure there is a little coercion involved (let's just say we've got some good 'postmen' up here. Big postmen. Strong and callous postmen.) If your man doesn't deliver this message to every single person in the world, he will be in trouble with us. You don't want that, whichever blue suited man takes the role.

I now address every individual this letter reaches.

This is what we want you to do. What you must to, if you want your race to survive.

1) Use LESS of everything material. Grow your own food.
2) Look after other people and understand one another.
3) Only use power when it is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Get that TV off if nobody is watching it. Or better still, throw the TV away and live. (You think you're living when you watch that box? You are dying inside.)
4)Drive less. Cycle, instead. Walk. Run.
5) Imagine the world, the way you live now, in one hundred years. Now, imagine it if you do start to live better. Is there a difference?
6) Share your wealth. Divide it up so that every single person in the world has enough. Believe me, there is plenty to go around.
7)Get rid of your cities and learn to live in small groups again. Mental health will improve, children will no longer have 'issues'. And plenty of otehr good things will happen. We will never understand whi yout hink cities are better than this old, well known way of life. Why did you stop it?
8) Listen to people. All the time.
9)The children are your future. Invest in them.
10)When you are ready to learn from other planets, we'll let them come to you. These half-hearted attempts to contact other life in the universe - at least you're not arrogant enough to assume that you are the only life - will never work. We all know you're there. And if you'd concentrated on working together instead of fighting, you'd have enough shared technology by now to come to us too, if you felt like it.
11)When you get this, believe it is NOT a joke. And if you don't, look at the moon on May 13th. It'll be a funny colour.
12)Take your heads from your personal devices that you love so much and reach out to each other. Know you are not alone.
13) Practise love, between everyone. Stop looking at the surface.

These are enough lessons for now. If you do all of the above in the next year, we can assure you that humans will live on for a few thousand more years.

If you fail to change your ways, humans have roughly 150 years left at the present rate (the last few of these years will be most unpleasant) and most of the other species on Earth will go with you. You can change it.

In six months, we will send some Persuaders. These are firm but fair envoys who will help you all to stick to these requests. Persuaders do not like to be disobeyed and for the good of the universe, they will do anything. Yes, even your tiny blue and green planet can affect everything else. There is a fine balance, called Tune in the universe, on a level so small you do not know it exists. It also appears between people on a sub-atomic level - which is why you sometimes fall in love at first sight. Bits of you so small you've never heard of them have already met and decided it's right.

There is much I can tell you, Earthlings. But much you're not ready to learn. You are clever, but not as clever as people of our other planets. You can change this.

We'll call this our first warning.

Yours Sincerely,
General Xyzrgtyghtyplrdbnt

Leader, Futurism Division, Veneta II