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Favourite 3 Writers:

J.R.R Tolkien, Haruki Murakami, Andrzej Sapkowski


I'm aching- ninja warrior did a number on me this week.


desperate to finish 1Q84


That i'm attending a workshop at the Birmingham literature festival this Saturday: 'That killer first page' with PaulMcVeigh

Notes Entries 100 Books

100 Books

...the good and the bad

My Top 100 Books

  1. J.R.R. Tolkein "The Lord of the Rings" - Three Volume Boxed Set
    John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
  2. 1Q84:
    Haruki Murakami
  3. The Hundred Secret Senses
    Amy Tan
  4. Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set (Six Dice, Five Ready-to-Play D&D Characters With Character Sheets, a Rulebook, and One Adventure)
    Dungeons & Dragons
  5. The Witcher Boxed Set: Blood of Elves, The Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire
    Andrzej Sapkowski
  6. The Electric State
    Simon Stålenhag
  7. I Am Behind You
    John Ajvide Lindqvist
  8. Howl’s Moving Castle
    Diana Wynne Jones
  9. Weathering With You
    Makoto Shinkai
  10. The Silent Companions
    Laura Purcell
  11. your name.
    Makoto Shinkai
  12. Weathering With You
    Makoto Shinkai
  13. To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
    Christopher Paolini
  14. A Christmas Carol
    Charles Dickens, Lee Krutop
  15. Recursion
    Blake Crouch
  16. The Binding
    Bridget Collins
  17. The Girl on the Train
    Paula Hawkins
  18. Gone Girl
    Gillian Flynn
  19. Artemis
    Andy Weir
  20. Dark Matter
    Blake Crouch
  21. Dracula
    Bram Stoker
  22. Mortal Engines
    Philip Reeve
  23. Bleak House
    Charles Dickens
  24. Pride and Prejudice
    Jane Austen
  25. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
    Jane Austen, Seth Grahame-Smith
  26. The Martian
    Andy Weir
  27. The Fir Tree
    Hans Christian Andersen
  28. The Snow Queen
    Hans Christian Andersen

100 Books is the place to build a showcase of your favourite and least favourite titles.

My Not 100 Books

  1. The Midnight Library
    Matt Haig
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