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14:13, 13 Sep 2016
A young couple in love
Travelling across the border
Soaking up glorious sunsets
Embracing their future hopes and dreams

A victim of domestic violence
Fleeing across the border
Hoping for a life free from fear
Desperate to give her children a better life

Solders serving their country
Destruction across the border
Bravely sacrificing their lives
Wondering, will they ever see their families again

A group of friends
Across the border on a shopping trip
Browsing the delightful displays
Searching for that special something to return home with

A long awaited family reunion
Unconditional love across the border
Every moment together treasured
Happy fullfilling memories that will last forever

Abundance of families in dispair
Taking inhumane risks to get across the border
Desperate to make it alive to a safer place of uncertainty
Mourning those who dont

Each person
Opportunities lie at the heart of every border

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