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Herman Hesse, Astrid Lindgren,

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12:52, 18 Dec 2014
Just before Christmas I feel myself disintegrate, with desolation all around
and my particles soon to be vibrating with high speed and dislocation all over the surface of the earth.

14:40, 26 Nov 2014
In ‘Paint your wagon’, as the folks start leaving No-Name Town when the gold runs out, someone comments to the Lee Marvin character: ‘Well, I guess there’s two kinds of folk in this world – them who stays, and them who goes’. Lee Marvin says ‘No that ain’t true – there’s folk who’s going somewhere, and those who’s going nowhere. But you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about..’

15:02, 7 Nov 2014
The sound of a cushion being plumped....

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