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21:54, 11 Jan 2018
Thank you Sémaigho! That is really helpful and encouraging.

11:17, 11 Jan 2018
Such a shame to read the recent notes. I wonder if the outstanding entries will be marked? I hope so. Congratulations on your recent wins and featured entries.

20:24, 16 Dec 2017
Thank you Tauren! I very much enjoyed your 'in defence of clichés!' Have a great weekend.

16:13, 15 Dec 2017
Hello all! My entry has only been marked by two people this week - I just wondered if anyone else had experienced this? Thank you

22:34, 18 Nov 2017
A sincere thank you to all the reviewers of my 'Waiting For You' entry. To the third reviewer - thank you so much for commenting so generously. To know that the piece resonated with you and that your element is water - that was truly wonderful to read. Thank you again x

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