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10:09, 6 Dec 2017
Hi Tauren, First re your note on marks. I didn't realise there were 'proper' judges. I thought we, the writers were as good as it gets. Yes, I've only started the critique business but I can see already how it helps writing too.
Now re my take on the cliche: All great cliches came from writing or creative minds. It is your job (and mine) as writers to come up with the next cliche. Besides it's head wrecking fun trying to come up with another way of saying something, or turning a cliche on its head. Yes, I agree also, it could be a defining characteristic of a character to use cliches, and tell things about them. I had a character in a play and his amusing idiosyncrasy was malapropisms, which I love making up or hearing said by people without realising. For one example my character said 'A bird in the hand is worth two on one wing'. I know I'm not talking about cliches; just making point about being creative.
PS: I actually did advise somebody in the last critiques not to use cliches! Don't think it was you because I had nothing to say 'suddenly'.

18:07, 4 Dec 2017
I got an email for a prompt 'THe ...Super...Moon' and the site prompt says 'Limits of reproduction'. Are we ahead or behind!

18:14, 3 Dec 2017
Not called Seeking Wolf for nothing so! I'll check that next time. Thanks

11:15, 2 Dec 2017
Hi, Seeking Wolf. I'm a newbie too.I was hoping you'd get an answer to your 2 posts because I had the same questions. Looking back through comments I notice it seems to be a very quiet site for posting such feedback.

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