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19:33, 2 Feb 2018
Just wondering if there is any way to re-format, when submitted work looks differently shaped in Ephemera from how it did on the entry form??

21:39, 12 Jan 2018
hello Red,
I just want to say that i find your two "notes" startig "you smile" extremely moving, and poetic..
I didn't see them entered into competitions, but they are POWERFUL..
All best

21:27, 12 Jan 2018
hello All,
I was thinking of entering this week..
but i see from notes that perhaps this site is stopping?
How sad!
i have enjoyed the whole concept the times i entered, and grateful for the opportunity to get well as feedback, and th echance to read others' talented work..
All very best to all!

17:57, 7 Dec 2017
Hour of Writes

Thank you for replying when you must be super-busy conferencing!

What an achievement this is, encouraging people here...

and what a very interesting conference-and essay!-topic...

Will check spam ...!!!

All best

12:51, 7 Dec 2017
Hello Hour of Writes!

Conference tie-in sounds fascinating...Is this competition part of a larger group ,I wonder...?

Also intriguing to wonder why such a thing would mean the original title wasn't ok!!

For info, you sent me an email with the moon title, but didn't send another with changed don't know if I am a registered person here or not!!!!

All best
Enjoy the conference!

12:48, 7 Dec 2017
Hello Tauren,

Many thanks indeed for the clarification!

I do agree that the marking process helps support my own writing-or SHOULD, were I better at looking objectively at my own work!!!
And-since I realised that the"marking guide" was something that could be clicked and opened, I have more of an idea for marking numbers...
In any case, I have found the various comments of markers very helpful, for thinking how to improve things I wrote(So interesting when one marker writes s/he really likes a section that somebody else finds unclear!!That's where three markers is a great idea I think, to get a range of reponses!)

Re the inability to use italics...While I think the level playing field is a great aim, I am not sure that not being able to use italics facilitates this aim, as it means that people can't indicate when they want a tone rather different from what may be expressed through using capitals.
Also, not being able to keep the text arranged as intended may disadvantage somw, since , perhaps especially (but not exclusively) in poetry, the arrangement often enhances the feeling for the reader, indicating emphasis more precisely.

Still, if we can't , we can't!
And I am enjoying browsing all the great ideas, and trying to write some of my own..First time since school , many years ago, I have finished writing a fictional story!!
Thanks to those involved in setting up this competition, to provide incentive!

11:21, 5 Dec 2017
hello again Sémaigho!

I too am puzzled..
Woke up with an idea for the moon title..
to find it has been changed!!!

howl and grrrrrrrr---

Thank you for the merry comment on my name!

I do find I am enjoying the incentive to try to write however...

21:06, 2 Dec 2017
hello Sémaigho,

No-no answers...but,,this time, I suddenly realised that, if you click on the italic title "marking guide", it becomes clear!
I had thought that was just a title for the different categories!

No way yet to make italics work in text as far as I can find..and annoying when a piece has its shape changed-when perhaps I had wanted indentations for instance!

All best!
I have found the comments from co-markers very helpful btw, so I hope this is your experience too...

22:05, 21 Nov 2017
How do we know what kind of range of marks are suitable?
I think I marked within a different kind of frame than that within which my own piece was marked..
Does it "matter", as it's all relative, I guess?
So you can see, from one marker , what s/he did or didn't like ..

Or, does it affect the overall judge?

I enjoyed reading these pieces by th eway

17:55, 17 Nov 2017

I am wondering, in case I enter another time, how to alter font to italic, and how to make sure line positioning stays as I want it?
It seems to have changed since I submitted my piece!
Not a huge deal..what is a bit harder is a couple of sequences didn't adapt to my edits,,perhaps because I left the page for a few minutes?

All best, it was interesting for sure!

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