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12:46, 7 Mar 2022
The wind doth blow
and bringeth snow
the streets are mostly empty.
Six tiny mice
want to feel nice
and snug and warm and toasty.

Oh Mama please
we're going to freeze
if you don't bring a blanket.
I might stay here
Papa I fear
is out and not come home yet.

She leaves her spot
the fire just hot
and bundles up her babies.
The wind doth moan
the trees do groan
her thoughts what ifs and maybes.

Papa meanwhile
lies in a pile
of snow so deep it's scary.
He sees a cat
imagine that
he knows he should be wary.

Mister Feline
have you got time
to help me in a pickle.
I've heard the hype
I know your type
can tend towards the fickle.

He holds his breath
awaits his death
then a sudden pull-he's free!
The mouse looks round
cat puts him down
he’s off quick behind a tree.

He makes it home
(mice don’t have phones)
his wife is sadly weeping.
He kisses her head
climbs into bed
the mouselings all now sleeping.

The wind doth blow
and cleareth snow
the sun shining all around
The mice do play
and shout Hooray!
our brave Papas been found.

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