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07:07, 30 Mar 2015
The 360° West Coast Sunset Memoir

Dear Flyover Checkers,
I heard, not too late though
That autumn’s greetings were sent to spring fields of summer
It was fun to have a breakfast with misty waves
At the Waterfront, charmed with seagulls and cherry blossoms
French toast and dark roast Rhymed with a pinch of cinnamon and holy honey The False Creek might have been missing my slideshows of her
Well, Stanley’s green fern-carpet won’t leave me alone
As I thought of dropping by at my adopted paramount aquarium spot
For beluga, dolphin and sea otters encounter
Wondered how the serene jade pond serenades the taihu rock and other miniatures,
That was really amazing, lauds to the fifty-three legendary craftsmen!
My Epistle keeper showed her chromatic sneakers
Made extra creaky gallops at the Suspension Bridge
Connected with the pine tree spirits at Grouse Mountain
Been there camping, but did not have any floating sleeping bag
So, as a wanderer, played my cards to the domed OMNIMAX
Vertigo revisited my cornea, but I claimed that I need to walk the deck Where another stirring of dark roast will make me SuperWoman
There, my spectacular lookout and hideout, my supernova affair
Behold the time of all times, the lounge is mine.
I enjoyed the polytonic sentiments of the harbor’s opalescence
Where the tombs of the unfound mountain of echoing laughter and gripping finesse gazes

Return after the total recall.
Wished me more daybreaks of granted wishes
With all the loved and Missed Memories.

©Caroline Nazareno a.k.a. Ceri Naz

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